Congrats on your color job! I’m excited to see more of your patterns! I loved reading this 😊

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The cover looks really nice! Congrats on all your accomplishments!

I'm happy that my newsletters have encouraged you to get back into language learning. Can't wait to read your language updates if you shared any :)

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Mar 25Liked by Aishwarya Tandon

:D Congrats on finishing your first Colorist job!!!!!!!!!!!! That is an awesome feat and it's going to be so cool seeing the finished project on shelves!!!

Also, I LOVE the studies! As a plus-size artist myself, I feel like it's a great mark of empathy, understanding and draftsmanship when other artists make it a point to study how fat folds on bodies and there's something so charming about your linework for these <3 >:) Keep up the energy!

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